Evolve Your Unconscious Mind

The secret to shifting consciousness and changing your Life


  • Do you want to break free and live the life of your dreams
  • Do you want to understand why history keeps repeating itself
  • Discover why archetypes are stronger than your beliefs
  • Discover how your language keeps you stuck

If you answered YES to any of these questions – “Evolve your Unconscious Mind” will take you on a fascinating journey of discovery to understand the deeply imbedded mind structures that keep you locked into your current situation.  Find out why history keeps repeating itself.

“Evolve your Unconscious Mind” will give you the tools to break free from the past.  Learn to see the world through different eyes and a different mind set.  You will evolve your unconscious mind and transform your world!

Evolve your Unconscious Mind goes beyond the typical “New Age” book. Shamarie leaves no stone unturned s she takes you on a vision quest for a better way of relating”

Dr. Elizabeth M Celi Psychologist & Author

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